The popular saying that goes around in the content marketing world- ‘Content is king’ is definitely applicable. Only with the exception that a king is only loved, admired, and recorded in history if he is good and relates his majesty to his subjects.

Well, in a way of speaking, the content we create for marketing a brand is somewhat the same.  More than 4.5 billion content pieces are shared everyday and as consumers, we receive about 5000 marketing messages in a single day. Despite such high numbers, most of these content pieces are deemed useless by us and ignored.

Therefore, for your content to be liked by your audience, you must understand what they like and what content they engage with. And once you do; find a way to relate it to them.  Meanwhile, Wikiprospects brings you how to curate content after understanding your audience.

So, What Content Do People Like?

To answer it in one word; personal. Nobody likes content they cannot relate to. As humans, we even make friends with people we can actually confide in and can relate our thoughts with.  So, if your content lacks that ‘personal touch’, you have got to work on it.

Regardless of the type of the content or the platform it goes on, it must in some way solve people’s problems or at least show them a way out. Be it social media, blogs, videos, or music, every content type has its personal touch and you, being a marketer, must spot it and ride along with it.

How to Create Content That Your Audience Like

Isn’t that a question people ask themselves almost everyday? Well, if you ask yourself this question stick with us till the end.

Make it Personal

Like we discussed above, personal content simply connects with the audience. It doesn’t matter if your target audience is sensitive or not, people land on social media to have fun and if your content is fun, it will be noticed. 

Some marketers hold the view that we don’t sell our products and services to people, we sell emotions. Speaking matter-of-factly, that does make a lot of sense.

Be Consistent

This is where most of the content marketers lose their ground that they captured. If you created content that received a good deal of appreciation, the world does not end right there. You have to keep up with it or very soon you will lose the market you have captured. 

If people liked your content, they would expect more from you. And if they do not get it  from you, they will move on to someone else. It is a competitive world and this is your wake-up call. 

Make a content calendar for your brand, follow it strictly and reap the results.

Coincide Your Goal with Your Content Curation

Jot down all your marketing and business goals for a period of time and let your content revolve around that. Let’s say your goal is to increase Instagram followers. Find content ideas that people would love and ultimately convert as your brand’s followers on social media.

But here is a heads up. Do not get too promotional as people absolutely despise marketers who try only to promote their brand through them. Be a friend, offer help through your content.

Add Value

Now, this does not mean you start educating people throughout your content. That would completely ruin your goals. Somewhere in the middle of the entertainment and personal context, you promote your brand.

If you make content for your brand that actually helps people solve a problem or learn something new or simply entertains them, you are in the game. This is the way of adding value to people through your content.

Tell a Story

This tip is quite similar to creating personal content but there is a line of difference between the two. When you tell a story in your content; real or fictitious, people tend to listen. And when that story pushes your sale, you are a marketer.

Being a marketer or a content marketer is all about finding the right piece and placing it among people when they might need it the most. So, go ahead, tell your brand story or any other brand story and make money.


Content marketing is interesting, easy yet extremely difficult. Not every content we create influences people. In fact, most of them are ignored. But until you stumble upon the gold mine of content, you must keep looking and be consistently creating. Wikiprospects helps brands market their products creatively. It tends to find a way for brands to stick out of the crowd in the competitive market.