Creating Your Personal Brand Online

Creating Your Personal Brand Online

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

This term can relate to businesses, institutions, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, or even a concept. A humorous example for concept brand is like the movie title “Bend it like Beckham.”  Regardless of whether you are are an employer, employee or independent professional, cultivating a personal brand has become very important.  With the help of personal branding services, you will be picked out uniquely from several competitors.  Wikiprospects can help you in this. We are a digital marketing company in Bengaluru which implements personal branding strategies among others. 

Our methods of improving your personal brand online include-

Updating Your Social Media Accounts- We will optimize the content on all your social media accounts. Also, presence of multiple accounts on the same platform will be narrowed to just one account per platform. After this, we will recommend a good profile picture for your accounts with the right resolution and right pose.

Great Content – This will be prepared with focus on your area of expertise, interests and/or objective. Content can include website content, blogs, posters, and more. We understand that all such content should reflect your brand-name. Hence, the tone and keywords will be optimized accordingly. The content we develop will be published on your website (or third-party platforms) and will be regularly shared through social media networks.

Engage with Audience-  We will continuously monitor your social media pages and interact with all your followers/subscribers. This will be combined with our digital marketing services to ensure more people follow your page and subscribe to your channel (Online video streaming such as YouTube). We will then interact with the audience visiting these pages and keep activity alive all the time.

Find and Join Groups – Wikiprospects will find groups as well as communities related to your services/interests on social media platforms and join them on your behalf.  The objective will be to gain more brand-exposure. Also, there are high chances that your prospective clients, investors and others interested in what you have to offer, will be present in these groups. 

Be Updated with Trends- We will follow influencers and other brand-names in your sector to find out their strong points. Along with these, our team will continuously be updated with the latest customer as well as economic trends in the arena. 

There are more strategies we can use which depend on what you have to offer, your target audience and available resources. Reach out to Wikiprospects for a quick discussion.