While social media marketing takes center stage in quality promotion, some other strategies like Online Reputation Management (ORM) seem to be taking a back seat. People believe that if they provide good services and are on good terms with their clients, then they needn’t worry about their reputation online. We are here to break some common myths about ORM and why you should choose an ORM strategy for your business today!

Small businesses don’t need ORM services

Whether you are a start-up that just opened or a well-established business that has been in town for years – reputation matters! People think that since the business has just opened, nobody will know about it let alone pass negative feedback about it. They don’t realize that by putting out positive reviews and comments, you can convince more people to try out your brand and give it the headstart it needs! All it takes is one negative comment, one fake review, or one dissatisfied customer – the reputation you have been building consistently for years will come tumbling down!

It is better to ignore negative feedback

And to that we say – no, just no! When someone gives you negative feedback for your services, the best thing you can do is respond to it and promise changed behavior. This will give your customers the feeling that they are heard and their opinions matter. Furthermore, when new customers find these reviews, they will find it constructive to see your reply and will check if you have considered it. Your next step should be to improve services and ensure that the negative feedback isn’t accounted for next time.

All reviews are firsthand and honest

You won’t believe how many fake accounts there are out there, especially by companies that try to sabotage their competitors. It is vital to do a check on the account that posted the feedback and block/delete it if it is fake. By allowing such fake feedback to prevail on your pages, you are permitting prospects to find reviews about you that are false. It is better to get called out for a mistake you made than get falsely accused of a service you served perfectly! While it isn’t a good idea to let fake reviews remain on your page, be sure to not delete the authentic ones as well! It would look equally suspicious if your page has only positive reviews and customers might set the standard very high while approaching you!

It is enough to send standard responses

We would suggest customizing your messages rather than sending an automated message for all feedback. The customer should feel that an actual person has seen their comment and is taking the time to respond. Trust us, even if the customer is dissatisfied and has chosen to leave your business, you can save the partnership by responding with hope. It is okay to have a standard prototype for all messages but try to personalize it with their name and specify the issue they have escalated very clearly.

Building back your reputation after receiving a bad comment is not easy. But with an efficient ORM service provider with experience and an expert team, you can progress a lot in no time! Check out our affordable services and customizable packages to kickstart your journey!