Targeted content marketing

To highlight your USPs and project yourself as an expert

Tell your brand story out loud

Every brand has a story to tell and good content marketing is the process of conveying that story engagingly! This story involves convincing your leads to invest in your products and services by portraying your expertise. The more compelling your brand story is, the more you can persuade people to choose your ideas, services, and content over the tough competition in the industry!

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the use of unique and original content to create value for your audience and highlight your USPs. By promoting your content on multiple channels, you can convince your audience that your services are valuable to them and persuade them to make a sale. Based on your choice of words and the connections you make with your audience, the more likely you are to make a sale. People will want to see a personality rather than just a brand – you are more likely to trust a knowledgeable friend than a faceless marketer. This is the voice you must aim for your brand to deliver trust and authenticity!

How to sell your content

Never sell the product – sell the experience. Never sell a service or idea – sell a permanent solution to an age-old problem! Don’t just promote a sofa. Sell a lazy Sunday evening in front of the TV. Don’t just sell a soundproof window. Sell a good night’s sleep when there’s a loud construction site next door! Try to visualize how your product will solve your audience’s pain point and then target them with the language that will appeal to them.

How can we promote your content on social media?

Social media is a great place to gain brand awareness and promote your content. Opt for different formats of content – reels on Instagram, live sessions on Facebook, threads, and discussions on Twitter, visually-pleasing videos on YouTube, and so on. The idea is to nourish your audience with a variety of unique content on every platform and keep redirecting them to different pages. Most importantly, keep your website updated and consistently keep your audience updated about your offers and services. Use remarketing as a tool to enhance your recall value – send personalized emails and newsletters to your target audience and expand your client base while nurturing your existing prospects!

How do we ensure this content reaches more people?

Content is king – and once you have this content in place, you can use a plethora of additional strategies to enhance its visibility. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key technique to ensure your content reaches a wider audience. The first step is to lay a strong foundation using quality content communicated effectively. This can then be used as blogs, articles, guest posts on third-party sites, and website content to reach a wider crowd. Use keywords and phrases people commonly search for in your content to ensure you turn up in search results. People usually don’t scroll past the first page of search results, if not the first three sites. Ensure that with good SEO services, you can land your website on the top spot and gain more brand awareness and traffic!

Is content marketing expensive? How soon can I see the results?

No matter how less your marketing budget is, content marketing is an affordable service with customizable packages. Want to focus more on social media and take a back seat to blogs? No problem! Or want to strengthen your website content and revisit email marketing later? Just tell the agency which services you wish to prioritize and leverage to customize your package and gain the best results!

In terms of a timeline, you can begin to notice tangible results within three to six months of kickstarting your content marketing plan. With a well-researched and data-driven strategy, you can be sure to gain better leads, more engagement, and faster conversions in no time!

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