How can I start my own personal brand?

Personal branding is just as the name suggests – personal. It is an account of who you are and what you believe in. If you pull it off well, it will give your audience a chance to see the minds behind your brand and connect with you better.

It will also give you a chance to get firsthand opinions from your customers and also any potential partners. You can create a personality for your brand and stick to it.

It might look daunting to start a personal brand from scratch. That’s why we are here to help you kickstart your journey! Keep reading for the four best ways to make it big with your personal brand!

1. Always show up

The key is to show up and keep posting content. Even if you don’t have the mood to post anything or your content is not performing well. Even if your follower count is in double digits and things are moving slowly.

Just. Keep. Posting. Content. Just show up and speak your mind even if your ideas are not in the majority. This is the best way to stay consistent and stick to your strategy even when you aren’t in the mood to put in the effort.

2. Center yourself around the content

Your personal brand needs to focus on you. You are at the center of it and not your brand or your team members. Your content needs to reflect who you are and what you believe in – be as raw as you can.

Show people who you truly are and what your journey looked like. Be inspiring but if you don’t have anything useful to convey, avoid sounding preachy. Realistically narrate incidents and give them a dash of your downfalls as well.

3. Avoid comparing yourself to others

Once again – this is YOUR endeavor and it makes no sense to compare yourself to other people in your niche. So what if they have more engagement and followers? So what if they started after you but have performed better? So what if their content seems miles ahead of yours?

Keep doing what you have strategized and have a completely individual approach to your content. This way, you won’t feel demotivated when your content fails or doesn’t perform as you expected it to.

4. Try to get on the latest trends but have a strategy

It is good to follow trends and use hashtags that are making the rounds. But that doesn’t mean you should solely follow trends and forget your strategy. If you gain followers owing to your trend-based content, you might lose them once the trend passes.

They don’t care about you and trust your content as it doesn’t resonate with them. To build a loyal community, you need to follow trends from time to time but stick to your primary goals. Have a clear roadmap of your branding journey and try to stick to it as much as you can.

If this was useful for your goals and personal branding plans, follow this space for more such content. We can truly help you carve a mark as an industry expert and bring your brand to the top!