5 Steps To Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a visual board that portrays a modern fairy tale. There is no doubt that creating a beautiful board and posting constantly on Pinterest is the mantra but that alone is not going to help you in forming a great strategy for Pinterest. There are other measures that you will have to take to get your Pinterest game better. To better understand all the tips and tricks let’s discuss further:

1. Have Clear Goal

Just like any other marketing technique even Pinterest has the basic requirement of having an outline of the idea about the marketing. Working on Pinterest aimlessly won’t do you any good. You must define your macro and micro goal. If you want to achieve more followers or you want to make more sales.

2. Posting The Right Size of Image

Pinterest is a photo posting platform and if you’re messing with the photo size then that could be the biggest mistake. The right aspect ratio to post on Pinterest is 2:3. If posted in other ratios the problem that is faced is visibility. The photos are not clear which is the purpose of this platform. Keeping this in mind while posting will make the visibility better. Also, make sure it is of high quality and not too pixelated. 

3. Pinning Multiple Times a Day

Pinterest needs pins and pinning more than 5 times a day has its benefits. Pinning more often at different times of day helps in better engagement. Of Course, you don’t have to overdo it which can actually harm your profile. If it seems like a lot of work to you then you can schedule it beforehand. This works best for this situation. In this way, you can successfully pin all the posts at different times by saving them in advance and saving time for yourself.

4. Focus On SEO and Keywords When Writing Description

When you are writing the descriptions you have to make sure that it is insightful. Use the right keywords to gain more traffic and include details about the picture. You don’t have to shy away from writing a little longer. Include the right emotions in the description so that the reader also understands the agenda better. Never forget about the Call to action. They are crucial and make all the difference. Don’t use a hashtag or promotional content in the description.

5. Don't Forget Text Overlays

Pictures are very amusing to see. But when combined with texts they can do wonders. The biggest example of this is memes. It has both the visual essence and meaningful words to describe the picture. Whenever you are editing pictures make sure you add the text overlay on it. This will give you more views and pins on the post. When you start doing this you can see the difference in the likes and repins very easily.

Final Words

Pinterest helps everyone get inspiration for various things. You must keep Pinterest dreamy. Start by pinning regularly and sign the right SEO tactics for the starters. Posting at the right time, interacting with your audience, and never skipping text overlays can take you a long way on Pinterest. Applying all of it together is more helpful but don’t break the consistency because that is the key to achieving long-term results.