Wiki Talks World Music Day

Welcome to our second episode of Wiki Talks!

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Welcome to our second episode of Wiki Talks!

We are so glad you have decided to stick around after our successful first episode! Now, it is time to celebrate the beauty of music this World Music Day!

As you might know, 21 June is World Music Day – a day when music lovers worldwide celebrate their love for music. This episode aims to kindly the nostalgia within you as we speak to someone who loves music as much as we do.

Watch our latest episode to know more about her views on where music is headed, how far we have come, and how social media helped her leverage her personal venture.

Do let us know your best memory with music and what impact it has made in your life. We would love it if you could recommend your favourite song to us! Stay tuned for the next one and be sure to suggest some cool individuals we can interview next!