Let us cut to the chase, making sales is undoubtedly hard. Persuading your clients to purchase your products and services is a hard nut to crack without some tools like battlecards.

As per a study conducted in 2022, only 24.43% of sales employees are able to exceed their yearly quota. This shows what a difficult job it is to make a single sale and even more so when it comes to selling services like marketing. So, take a comfortable seat and make it to the end of this article about why it is so important to keep your sales battlecards updated.

What is a Sales Battlecard?

A sales battlecard is a reference pamphlet used by sales reps for pitching to new clients.  It consists of the main talking points of the brand  such as competitors’ claims and how to address them, competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, product details and features, etc. It is mostly used by sales representatives to refer to on phone call sales pitches.

So, Why Should You Keep Your Sales Battlecards Updated?

An old newspaper is never of any use unless you are a researcher. Nobody is interested in knowing overly spoken of things and a battlecard for sales is much similar to a newspaper. A reference or a good reference is always the one with updated facts and facts is what you require to pitch the customer and convert him or her.

To Keep Your Perspective Clear

A sales battlecard that is updated will have newer facts and figures and if you have done your research right; better claims to convince your prospects to pick you over the competition. This will keep your perspective clear and goals laid out explicitly.

Better Claims

Studies have shown that the sales reps who follow battlecards are most likely to convert a prospect. With that being said, an updated battlecard increases the reps chances of converting the prospects by ten folds. Prospects who get their claims and query answered have higher possibilities of making the purchase.

Making them Dynamic

A dynamically updated battle card has a better intel to represent through the sales person. This is one of the ways to eliminate the risk of blowing the trust of the customer in your brand.

It is repeatedly claimed that a B2B prospective buyer would never trust your brand if your sales person conveys bad intel or information. Therefore, an updated battlecard’s dynamism can save your day and close the deal effortlessly.

Optimised Content

Just because your brand’s battlecard is up-to-date doesn’t make it any more likely to convert a prospective client. If your salesperson is only about your product’s pros and competitors’ products’ cons, the customer is very likely to get irritated. 

A rightly updated battlecard has the power of seamlessly optimised content that arms your salesperson with the key differentiators and takeaways that can interest the customer. A sale, after all, is made possible either with necessity or with heightened interest in the prospect. 

Therefore, optimised content updation will help you have the upper arm in pitching.

Final Thoughts

A battle card is very important for a brand’s sales team. It helps the team be prepared and have the path laid in front of them beforehand. Updating a battlecard is equally as important.  Just as an outdated GK book is useless, similarly, a static and rigid battlecard can bring no good to the company. And as far as pitching clients is concerned, some reps take it far beyond some laid-out rules and dialogues.