The digital marketing industry is fast-paced, constantly evolving, and ever-changing, which makes it hard for new digital marketers to know how to handle all of the different platforms necessary for hosting, planning, creating and executing digital marketing campaigns.

Not to worry, though; we’ve compiled a list of the top platforms every digital marketing agency should be well versed in – with details on why they’re vital tools that can’t be overlooked during any digital marketing campaign.

So let’s dive into it without any further ado.

Top Platforms for Your Brand's Digital Marketing

Facebook and Instagram

Yes, there is no brand that has made a success without being on Facebook and Instagram. These are the two main pillars of digital marketing on social media, without which a business cannot hope to proceed any further.

Both of these platforms are entertaining more than 5 billion users combined. With that kind of numbers, any brand not optimizing its social media presence on Facebook and Instagram will be losing enormous prospects. 

Be it paid or organic; your marketing can take a drastic turn here. Therefore, Facebook and its other platforms are some of the most effective platforms to market on.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is part of a suite of services offered by Google aimed at helping local businesses grow their market share. GMB enables you to send information directly to search engines so they can display your company’s details in the result pages of relevant queries. 

Google My Business profile helps search engines not only identify you as a legitimate business but also tells your customers which business category your company falls under and allows your customers to get in touch with you via the phone number, email address, or website URL through a single profile.


LinkedIn is the top and the most effective marketing platform for B2B businesses and recruitment marketing agents. The businesses on LinkedIn have twice the purchasing power as an average user on any other platform.

Therefore, as a B2B business, one of your top priorities should be to focus on strengthening your LinkedIn marketing techniques.

Google Ads

Google Ads converts 50% more than organic search results, and businesses earn an average of $3 for every $1.6 spent on ads. The result is double and never stagnant at that. 

Businesses have claimed Google Ads to be their best marketing platform. It generates more traffic than all the SEO combined. Therefore, without PPC or Google Ads, your marketing will be soaring low. 

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It will be dishonest to say email does not bring business to a business. 70% of marketers are convinced never to give up on email marketing for their brands. It has the largest reach in the world and thus makes a terrific marketing platform. 

You can target any kind of audience through emails, customize the content, add the CTA, and drive traffic and, ultimately, conversions. Get on with your email marketing with us today. 

How Can We Help You Benefit From these Platforms?

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