Digital marketing is a roller coaster ride with trends and changes occurring every other day. In fact, it is the trends in it that make marketers’ jobs more accessible and trackable than it was before.

This is one of the most significant advantages of digital marketing. While you cannot know how many people have seen a billboard advertisement, you can accurately tell how many souls witnessed the post you put up on Instagram. 

Content marketing and SEO are swarming with new trends today. We have put together some of the most significant trends in the digital marketing industry that will give you valuable insights into business growth.

Trends in Content Marketing

Personalized Content

Personalizing content for any channel is a significant step to making it engaging. It is also a must for content strategies, regardless of the type. Personalization can help you connect to your audience much better.

Interactive Content

Interactive content can make your content strategy much more effective. With people barely having an attention span of 10 seconds, your target audience may get bored if your brand’s content is anything but interactive. 

Therefore, interaction is the sole aim of any content strategy and every brand today must focus on engaging their audience with content that can get conversations started.

User Generated Content

User-generated content, or UGC, is lighting up the internet today. People tend to follow other people’s advice and content more than brands, and one of the primary reasons is that they can relate more to that. 

Brands are now focusing on putting out reviews and answers to questions by their customers to further their brand presence online.

Trends in SEO


The rankings can be turned around with Google’s MUM algorithm announced in 2021. This algorithm considers the intention of the search or the keyword and shows the most relevant results. 

This helps Google bring more intent-driven results to the audience and, thus, more satisfaction to the searcher.

Passage Indexing

Passage indexing is a new algorithm by Google that helps rank passages from your article related to the audience’s query. This is also called snippet ranking and helps organize your content even if you do not have a high domain authority or thousands of backlinks, and it takes into account high-quality content for ranking it.

Voice Search

Voice search is taking over on-page SEO today. With more than 50% of organic searches on Google being voice searches, it is a simple, efficient and effortless way of obtaining the best of the internet.


Trends in the digital marketing industry make it worth pursuing today. Marketers claim the drastic changes in it make their jobs easier and smooth. Catching up with trends on time is very important for a marketer in the business, and it can work to bring more business for you as a marketer with minimal effort.