I was born in a small town called Pernambut, which is called the Leather Tanning city of Tamil Nadu. I reached Bangalore to begin my career after completing my Computer Science Engineering. There, I began my career at Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited as an apprentice and later worked in a few corporate companies. I earned the skills to make my dreams turn to reality by putting in the time and effort each day.

In 2019, along with my life partner, I started my entrepreneurship life. Looking back, I see how Wikiprospects, which started with just 4 people in a basement, has slowly but steadily risen up in the business of Digital Marketing. Today, Wikiprospects is spread across 2 Countries, 3 Businesses, and globally with a workforce of over 80+ people.

Outside of work, I am a good mother to my son and a caring wife to my husband.

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