Customized social media handling

Create and maintain your social media profiles to enhance brand awareness

What is SMM?

Social media marketing and management involve curating unique content on social media platforms to attract your followers. These days, people have very low attention spans and are attracted to creative content. It makes sense to target your audience where they are – on social media! By creating original and catchy communication on various platforms, you can interact directly with your audience and improve your engagement and brand awareness.

What are the benefits of good SMM?

The benefits are endless if you have a quality SMM that follows a unique and modern strategy. Some of the most common benefits among many others are:

Improved brand awareness

The primary goal of SMM is to let people know your brand exists and what services you offer

Higher rates of engagement

The more unique and creative your posts are, the more likely people are to engage with them. This can be enhanced with blogs and informative insights as well

Enhanced lead generation

Curating engaging content leads to more people following your pages and interacting with you

Faster conversions

SMM has a way of persuading people to make a purchase or strike a deal. You will notice more conversions rather than just likes and shares. By conversions, we mean website visits, engagement on your content, more purchases, form fill-ups, and so on

The content you create can further be enhanced with good SEO to rank high on search results. You can rank your social media profiles, your website, and some blogs with keywords your target audience commonly searches for.

Which platforms should I have profiles on? How do I engage people on each one of them?

It is easy to create profiles and gain followers. The hard part is consistency! Consistently putting out content and maintaining your active presence to retain your followers and gain new ones. The first step to identifying which platforms you should maintain a profile on is to conduct thorough audience research. Where are your target audiences most active? What sort of communication and content appeal to them? At what time are the prospects most active on social media? By answering these questions with good audience and market research (with a dash of competitor analysis as well), you can curate good content on social media to meet the preferences of your crowd.

One strategy would be to engage the audience on various platforms with varied content. This could be in the form of videos, statics, GIFs, reels, stories, and newsletters.

The more people see you on different platforms, the better your brand recall – you could also adopt a good remarketing strategy to further enhance this. The idea behind SMM is to put out quality content when your audience needs it – this will either improve their chances of making a purchase or make them send your details to someone else in need. The content can be improved to reach a wider audience using SEO, paid ads, email marketing, and PPC ads among various other strategies.

How can Team Wikiprospects help you?

Our team of dynamic writers and analysts is sure to help promote your business on social media using modern tools and techniques. Irrespective of which platforms you want to be active on or what sort of brand voice you wish to adopt to communicate your USPs, we have got your back! Our team conducts thorough research of

Your brand

Your audience

Your competitors

Your industry

Your market trends and algorithms to succeed

This is what helps us provide accurate solutions that bring lasting results! Contact our team to get a customized package as per your budget and unique needs. Or browse through our website to know more about our unique services and get a quotation!

It is time to kickstart your social media presence with us and skyrocket your brand value!