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Ace the sales game with our foolproof battle cards

Your sales reps are the first impression your customers are going to gain about your brand to decide to close a deal. Knowing your offering and how to sell it is the best way to gain an edge in this competitive market. Understanding your prospect and selling your product to them by leveraging their pain points is the best way to gain business returns.

What are sales battle cards?

They are documents that help salespeople have insightful conversations with their leads using vital information. Sales reps use this information to draft a value proposition and convince their clients to make a sale. They include details about your products and services, pricing, USPs, competitor analysis, and more. The most detailed battle cards even contain possible counter questions that your customers will ask you!

How can your sales reps use our battle cards to win deals?

If you are a sales rep and want all the support you can get to make an effective pitch, our battle cards are the ideal choice! They can help you deliver compelling and persuasive pitches without having to search websites, folders, repositories of content, and so on. You can have all the data you need right at your fingertips and curate the ideal sales pitch! You can also prepare ahead of a sales pitch when you are meeting multiple customers on the same day.

A strong business has its sales and marketing teams working in tandem!

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Keep your team updated about your business

With battle cards, you can keep your sales reps updated about your company’s new offerings and features. Your reps can stay informed about your regulations, updates, audience, and competition. It will help your reps prepare for situational pitches and manage difficult customer meetings. Keep your team aware of offers, exclusive discounts, or other promotional details you have planned.

Suppose your competitor is offering a new service to enhance employee productivity. You realize that your brand is already offering this service. Your aim should be to equip your sales reps with battle cards that portray your brand as the frontrunner of those services and highlight how your brand inspired competitors to launch new services! Using key pointers like these, you can gain an edge over your competitors and exceed customer expectations!

What types of battle cards do we provide?

We are known for our quality product battle cards that feature all the product-related information that your team is selling. It will highlight the difficulties customers are facing, how your competitors are combating this problem, how your product can add value and solve the issue for them, and which industries are benefited from this solution. The idea is to provide education through your battle card for your sales reps to absorb and utilize during their sales pitches.

Our competitor battle cards have information about the competitors you are following. It will help your sales reps prepare for pitches and help them counter any comparisons in price or functionalities that your customers may throw at you. These battle cards give a brief about the competitor, their products, their market value, profiles of known clients, annual run rate, and an overview of the solutions they offer. Your sales rep can use these details to correlate your brand’s solutions and give you a boost!

Compiled | Palatable | Updated | Accessible

This is how we describe our battle cards and how they will help your sales team! We understand that your sales team will have barely a few minutes in hand to speak to customers. It wouldn’t work to fill these moments with paragraphs of information – thick and lengthy documents carrying ALL your details make no sense.

The idea is to filter out your USPs and what makes you stand out – in other words, we highlight just the important aspects alone that will give you the upper hand. Our team filters through your content and refines the details to give you precise battle cards. Be sure that your team can bring in the best leads and close deals like a pro when equipped with your sales battle cards!

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