Methods of Developing Email Marketing Lists

Methods of Developing Email Marketing Lists

WikiProspects is a B2B marketing company in the United States that specializes in email marketing services. From researching about probable leads, generating email lists, preparing email templates, and scheduling emails; WikiProspects takes care of the entire process. But we understand it all begins from generating productive and validated email lists. Hence, our equal focus is given on the email list generation as well. This post describes how we generate and develop email lists from scratch:

Search Our Database – We have an immense database available that is categorized based on industry, executive and geo-location among others. More and more profiles are added to this database regularly and are regularly cleansed to remove invalid emails.  Based on your preferences, this database will use to fetch targeted email lists.

Social Media Accounts – Interest will be generated and kept alive with regular posts on social media platforms. We will then convince people to sign up for newsletters (if you are providing), or use fill-in—forms. Trust is the key in any relationship and businesses are no different. Our posts and user-interactions will generate trust, through which we can get emails along with other contact details. Examples include contests and giveaways.

Call-to-Actions – Call to action elements such as plain texts requesting for email details and/or fill-in-forms will be integrated with all posts that we create for clients such as yourselves. Also, we will provide recommendations to include such elements in your websites. This includes pop-up fill-in-forms on every page of the website, or pop-up surveys.

Referral Bonuses – We will offer bonuses or incentives to people who are already in our email lists. This will encourage people to bring in more contacts. WikiProspects believes in a win-win paradigm and hence our strategy will benefit all.

Third-party tools such as EasySendy, Optimonk, Sender, Pabbly, FormGet, ConvertPlug, and OptinMonster will also be used in our email list generation process. In summary, WikiProspects will leave no stone unturned to provide the most effective email list for you. But there is more! All these depend on what you want to achieve. Reach out to us for more discussion.