When it comes to building a business, the need and importance of marketing cannot be undermined. That has been proved to us time and again across the pandemic with more and more organizations picking their digital and virtual presence over physical presence. One of the key components that have made it possible is having a well-rounded digital marketing roadmap. While on one side the focus was on creating brand awareness, the other end focused on ensuring long-term engagement with the audience.

When speaking about digital marketing, there has been an unresolved debate about which triumphs over the other—organic or inorganic digital marketing.

Although numerous large and medium-sized organizations have benefitted amply from the use of ads and paid digital marketing, one cannot discredit the importance of organic as well. Coming with more long-term results, organic marketing can be a major game-changer for smaller businesses, giving them an edge over their larger counterparts. If you are a newer brand that is trying to decipher the battle between organic and inorganic marketing, hold your breath for a moment. This might help you make a decision.


How can organic digital marketing benefit smaller businesses?

When positioning your brand for better visibility in the market, one element that cannot be replaced is authenticity. And, with the originality of content and messaging comes a more authentic audience. Over more recent time the audience has started to step away from paid and sponsored materials, craving for original and authentic brands. The use of organic marketing can help brands build a significantly higher level of credibility among their audience and scale it over time.

Realistic scalability

It is key to keep eye on the performance of posts and brand messaging. The outcome can be processed in two ways. Firstly, it can provide deeper insight into the audience’s behavior, which translates into understanding consumer behavior as well. Secondly, with a keen eye on analytics, it is easier to scale marketing initiatives and alter them with time. It gives you a better understanding of what is working and what isn’t.

Heterogeneous audience

When we spoke about the authenticity of your audience, the other element that comes to play is that not all your audience is exactly alike. With some of them turning up through word of mouth, others may come in through social media initiatives, while several others come in from a campaign. This, in turn, ensures you an insight into behavior that will mimic the end-user experience very closely. Here’s why. With different audiences reacting differently to every part of your digital presence and engaging with it uniquely, you get to understand their choices, likes, dislikes, preferences, and patterns with time.


This aspect of organic marketing definitely is a deal-breaker for smaller and/or newer businesses. It is a point in time when every penny makes a difference. You cannot afford to make expensive choices. When it comes down to that, organic marketing can give you the most at minimal expenses. Social media posts, a running website, responses to comments, and engaging with followers, all give you greater control over the money spent on your marketing.

Connect directly with followers

As you reply to each comment, watch every choice made in a poll, see each view on a story, or the people liking a certain post, it gives you the platform to connect with your followers, or future buyers directly. Every reply or message goes from their requirements to your offerings directly. And consumers are highly likely to communicate with brands that talk back to them.

In addition to these, organic marketing helps you customize your content to each audience type and optimize them for search engines and social media as well. Most importantly, organic marketing has proven to have long-term results and benefits compared to the fast inorganic means.

Now may be a good time to decide on what is the right direction for you.

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