Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing, simply put, is the use of social media to promote your business to your audience. Most users are active on social media, so it makes sense to curate unique and engaging content to attract their attention. Your content can be customized to suit their preferences and improve brand recall. Try using different content for different platforms – hashtags on Twitter, reels on Instagram, live sessions on Facebook, attractive videos on YouTube, and so on.

How can my sales team use sales battle cards?

Sales battle cards are an excellent way to keep your sales and marketing teams updated about your business. Your battle cards can be customized to have updated news about – your products and services, your business details, your competitors, your audience’s preferences, market share, buying power, offerings, new sales and discounts, and so on. It will ultimately help your sales team prepare better for their client pitches and use the brief details to close the deal better!

What services can I use to improve my brand awareness?

Some of the most popular services agencies use to enhance your brand awareness are social media marketing, search engine optimization, paid ads on various platforms, email marketing, website design or development, and online reputation management. These services are common as they don’t just enhance your visibility – they also help you retain the attention and gain new followers while nurturing existing ones.

Why should my website be in a mobile-friendly view?

Most customers visit websites and social media through their smartphones in this modern era. Hence, it makes sense to make your website compatible in mobile view with attractive and modern UX/UI designs. It will engage your audience and ensure they don’t get frustrated by slow loading speeds and poor designs.

How can content marketing help my brand?

Content marketing is a unique way to connect directly with your audience and engage them by speaking about your services. You can interact with them through reels, statics, videos, live sessions, and Q&A sessions. You could market this content on various websites and social media platforms to reach a wider audience. The end result is good brand awareness, better lead generation, good conversions, more website clicks, and enhanced engagement rates.

How do I improve my online rankings?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to reach and retain top rankings. People generally achieve this by identifying keywords and phrases that are frequently used by their target audience. They then curate website blogs and informative guest posts on popular third-party sites to improve their rankings and search results.

Is email marketing expensive?

While some companies tend to charge exorbitant rates for their services, most agencies offer affordable services and customized packages. You can curate your desired package and choose services that will genuinely be of use to your brand’s growth. Our services are not expensive, but they will provide you good value for money without a doubt!

What is remarketing?

When customers have shown an interest in your products and services, you want them to remember your brand and retain their attention. This calls for remarketing strategies to enhance your brand recall – be it through personalized emails, PPC ads, paid marketing, or frequent newsletters updating your announcements and new launches.

How soon can I see results if I invest in SMM?

Social media marketing is a progressive process – it might take time to get established and maintain a consistent flow of content. But once you set the rhythm and attract your target audience, you will notice long-term results that will keep growing!

Why should my content be customized?

People are more likely to view and recall your brand if you opt for personalized content. This gives your brand a voice and personality to interact directly with people. The idea is to engage them and make them feel like the brand is speaking to them directly!

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