Unique and personalized email marketing

Interact with your audience and boost conversions

What is email marketing?

If your audience has shown an interest in your products and services, you will have to retain their attention. This improves not just brand awareness but also brand recall value. A great way to achieve this is through email marketing. When was the last time you received an email from a brand you had searched online or visited recently? Chances are that you received one even today or right before you opened this site!

Simply put, this is a strategic way to send targeted messages to your audience. Despite the messages being automated, they can be personalized to make the audience feel like they are being addressed individually. The result is better to trust, more lead generation, and lasting conversions. Emails are an age-old technique to turn one-time buyers into repeat customers and offer them value!

Design attractive campaigns

Save time and create an impact with our customizable templates. Emails are not just restricted to updates, launches, announcements, and newsletters. Keep in mind that these are also important aspects to keep your customers in the loop about your brand. But your focus should be on creating targeted email campaigns to reach your audience exactly when they require your products!

Curate unique loyalty programs

Did you know that people are more likely to stick to a brand if they are offered loyalty programs, benefits, and rewards? These are ways in which you can acknowledge and appreciate your audience for staying loyal to your brand and encourage them to continue. You could run an elaborate email campaign announcing a new referral program or offer points to your customers after every purchase. This will make it more likely for people open to your emails to know more and make a purchase.

Invest in segmentation

It makes no sense to send the same emails to all your contacts. The strategy lies in engaging with your audience after segmenting them. This involves creating a subset of your contacts to curate content that aligns with their specific needs. This will help you optimize your conversions and interact directly with your prospects.

Imagine you have a brand that sells a variety of clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and footwear. Your campaigns could involve women audiences for new jewelry or perfumes you launch, men in particular for your new range of watches or blazers, and teenagers between the ages of 15-19 (as they are more likely to have an email account they check frequently) for any kidswear and shoes. The idea is to market specific products to specific customers who are more likely to have a use for them.

Automate repetitive tasks

Building custom automated workflows is a great way to use automation. It is a tedious process to draft a new email every time you wish to engage with a prospect. It is a better idea to reach the right person at the right time without delay by automating your work. Improve your customer experiences with email templates and give your messages a customized touch. The idea is to have less work on your end but make the customer feel valued by personalizing their emails.

Improve your content with A/B testing

How can you be sure that your emails are the best versions of themselves? By using A/B testing to gain higher open rates and conversions of course! Research and record the responses from your audience to provide them with better content as per their responses!

What strategies can I use to promote my brand?

The best strategy would be to use keywords that jump out from the screen and attract your customers. This could be a well-planned call to action such as

These are smart strategies to use in your emails, as your audience will feel valued and intrigued to know more. Using words like ‘exclusive’ and ‘free’ will make them want to avail of benefits that apply only to them! ‘Limited time’ is an attractive keyword to create a time restriction and bring in quick leads – people will want to hurry and check out your offers before they run out of time! You could even rope in an influencer to leverage their follower base and face value to give your brand a personality and authenticity.

Contact our dynamic team of writers and analysts to curate your personalized email today! We plan targeted messages and campaigns to reach your audience when they require your services or products (thoroughly researched and segmented of course!). Check out our unique solutions and modern strategies or contact our team for a quotation and to customize your package as per your budget requirements!