Content Marketing Trends of 2023

Content Marketing Trends of 2023

It has been nearly 20 years since the boom of the internet and specifically increase in the number of people browsing the internet.  These days, people depend on the internet for almost anything and commercial enterprises are garnering the maximum benefits from this, through presence on social media platforms, online stores, official websites, along with more. Yet, a factor that is crucial for online businesses but often ignored is attracting new customers and maintaining the loyalty of existing ones.

Digital Marketing is an important component of modern business growth and content will always remain “King”.  If implemented correctly, content marketing can be a remarkable method to connect with the target audience, using information they need as a bait to capture them.  Content here means more than text. It can refer to images, videos, meta descriptions, image descriptions, graphics, charts, and even GIF images. Content marketing trends evolve every year and 2023 will not be any different. Here are some core trends that you and content marketing companies have to watch out for.

Humanized Content– This has always been important and will be more so in 2023. Content in website, blogs, emails, etc., must not only be considered as texts. They must “speak” to the audience. That is, content must be engaging and not just words which people will read/forget.  Also, there is a lot of content and very less time to read the same. Everyone is busy. Hence, keep it brief, to the point and engaging. Before preparation of any content, analyze your customer’s journey, identify the points of interest, and evaluate your strategies. Digital marketing agencies in Karnataka can help with these.

Short Videos-   Heard of Instagram Reels? That is one of the engaging type of posts today.   Also, all social media platforms give priority to video content. That doesn’t mean your content marketing strategies for 2023 must be focused on creating reels. That is also an option. But consider inserting short-video content into your blogs/website content can be idea to engage the reader and also get the message across. These can be even short-videos on your YouTube channel or directly on social media platforms such as Fac

Personalized Emails – This is growing and will be more evident in 2023. Keep it short and like a conversation. An email must only be considered as a substitute for direct phone calls, when you can’t always reach the person. Try different formats of emails.  That is, you can personalize them according to the receiver. Some may prefer formal content, while others could just skip them.  Spam elements such as excessive use of the words “Sales”, “money/wealth”, etc can be avoided. 

AI Collaboration – AI will play a bigger role in 2023 for content creation as more end-users that is customers demand personalized content.  This will especially be helpful in suggesting content or keywords to be used in blogs and email marketing campaigns.

These were the core trends you need to look out for in 2023. They are actually summarized versions of every other trend. You must keep in mind that the necessity of digital marketing is growing and content development is an important aspect of it.

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